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Just A Sample Of Letters From Our Happy Customers:

To whom it may concern:

My house has needed some rather extensive rehabilitative work because among other problems the original builders failed to build to code (i.e., no window flashing) and used a faulty siding material (Masonite). After interviewing a fair number of contractors and comparing bids, I chose the Construction company owned and operated by Peter McCluskey. In the case of my home Peter has overseen most of the work. The work on my house has included total siding replacement and painting, window replacement, replacement of back porch and stairs, wall in-fill and enclosure of the front vestibule, installation of wood floors, electrical work (subcontracted), roof work, and bathroom and kitchen tiling (subcontracted).

The work on my house is nearing completion and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of work that Peter and his crew have done. Everyone who has come by and looked at my house has agreed that the workmanship is superb. I have also been pleasantly surprised by the little “extras” that I had not expected such as the decorative and functional window framing and sills that Peter installed and which are so much more attractive than what existed previously. These sills which are sloped also do not allow rain water to collect and sit - this was not the case before.

Also important to me has been the fact that Peter’s crew consistently arrives promptly to begin each day’s work and then works solidly throughout the day. Thus, the work moves along at a good pace. Besides that his men are respectful,courteous, and conscientious!

In my experience Peter has honored all the agreements we made, even those not detailed out in writing. He is also willing to be flexible and accommodate reasonable requests.

As you can see I can only give him my highest approval rating and would recommend him to anyone needing construction work. They and the work that they do are completely trustworthy.



To whom it may concern:Interior Construction

My house was in need of weatherproofing and I contracted with McCluskey Construction to perform the work. Contractor / owner Peter McCluskey and his crew began work in August 2002. Repair included replacement of all sidings, windows, and external staircase. I found the work quality to be top notch. Sidings were installed with great precision. Caulking was applied to all exposed crevices, nails were well hidden, and trim were well placed. Windows were also installed with good alignment and operate well. A very nice touch is the decorative window sills on each window and the angling to direct water away from the house.

The entryway stairs were found to have substandard stringers and replaced with higher quality beams. The stairwell was also strengIn addition, a large area along a wall was found to have dry rot and was repaired. Some termite damage was found beneath some window sills and repaired, and a leaky water pipe connection was repaired. Peter personally checked the roof and found that some of the gutters were not installed properly, which caused the dry rot along the wall. The gutters were reinstalled and sealed to correct the drainage. Finally, caulking and painting of the house was done exceptionally well.

The house looks new and elegant. I would highly recommend McCluskey Construction and Peter McCluskey in view of the fine craftsmanship and dedication they have shown.



To whom it may concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Peter McCluskey of McCluskey Construction. I am pleased to recommend McCluskey Construction for any future projects that the company would be involved in.

I contracted with Peter McCluskey to do extensive work at my property located in San Francisco. The scope of the work included replacement of the front and back of the house siding, framing, windows and garage door. The building was also primed and painted.

Although I was not there to supervise the work ( on a daily basis ) because I reside in New York ( which made it complicated and difficult ), Peter McCluskey was always in contact with me, updating me everyday with progress of the work. I was very impressed with the professionalism and the timely manner in which the work was done. The tenants who live in the property ( who supervised the work ) were impressed with the quality and the craftsmanship of the work. I found Peter to be honest, flexible, and very responsive to the needs of the project and myself.

I would highly recommend McCluskey Construction.



Dear Peter,

Thank you for the fabulous job you and your crew did on my house. You offered advice that was professional and sound from beginning to end. You started the job on time and your crew was conscientious, working full days. Everyone was respectful of my privacy, and very careful about my cat's safety. You consistently honored your commitments, even after being paid in full.

The front of my house now looks beautiful. New siding, windows, garage door, and newly painted. If I need a contractor in the future, I would call you without hesitation.

Thanks for your excellent work and for making a stressful situation manageable.


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